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About Us

How We Started

Kim's Gourmet Sauces evolved in the kitchen of Kim Kolker as sauces for her own use. Friends and family urged her to market her sauces because they were such good tasting, versatile sauces. Kim incorporated her company in July 1993 and her company grew by leaps and bounds.

Kim believed that she could make an all natural, preservative free sauce with no MSG that would compliment any recipe and so she created 5 delicious sauces: Original Teriyaki (which was her first, and I believe her favorite), Spicy Teriyaki, Asian BBQ, Spicy Peanut and Cracked Pepper Grill Sauce. With Kim's hard work and her belief that she had a great product, the business grew and before you knew it, Kim's Gourmet Sauces were in places like King Soopers, Shamrock Foods, Tony's Markets, and in many different states across the country!

My husband and I have known Kim for many years. My husband has sold Kim's sauces through Shamrock Foods for many of those years. When Kim decided to sell her company, she knew that my husband and I were the perfect ones (as she puts it) to buy it and run with it. So on May 1st, 2010 we purchased Kim's Gourmet Sauces.

What We Became

At first I thought, "Oh my goodness what have we done?" I knew nothing about running a company. But with my husband's belief and knowledge of the business, he convinced me that we could make this company grow and succeed. We brought the product back in-house and started once again making the sauces ourselves in Castle Rock, Colorado. We make all of the sauces at the commissary kitchen that Kim actually started in.

The sauces are made in a 60 gallon double jacketed Groen tilted steam kettle. It actually is quite impressive. We then bottle, label, pack and ship from that location. We date the bottles with a born on date and an expiration date on the bottom of the bottle. Our product has an 18 month shelf life. It is very concentrated. A little goes a long way. It makes life a lot easier to have everything we need right there at our fingertips. Kim's Gourmet Sauces has a new look and a new product. The new look you will see are the labels.

My husband and I decided that we wanted a label that would represent our company. Rest assured the recipes are all the same as when Kim made them. We just thought a different look was in order. One of the new products that we have created is a Gluten-Free Original Teriyaki.

Once my husband and I got into this business we started hearing more and more about people who could not have wheat products or are trying to stay away from them. Families would come up to us at the Farmer's Market who had 3 or 4 family members with Celiac disease and begged us to make a gluten-free product, so we did. You cannot tell the difference, but our family and friends that are wheat intolerant are very happy. As with all of our other products the Gluten-Free Teriyaki is all natural, preservative free and no MSG. The newest addition to our line is our Bourbon-Aki. What makes it delicious is the Kentucky Bourbon that we add. It enhances the flavor of any protein that it is marinated with. Our favorite is a flank steak or tri-tip.

We could not have gotten this far without help from our family, friends and customers. My husband and I would personally like to thank the people who have helped us along the way. First it would have to be to Kim (founder and previous owner) for the wonderful opportunity to have bought this great company. We left the name as Kim's because she does deserve all the credit. Kim did all the hard work and we get to market and sell this great product. There are so many others to thank. Shannon for the labels, Rick and Chris Miller for their improvement of the labels, Matt Smith and Sarah LaReau for their support and help with our first website, Brian Lind our first employee, our children for all the support and help at the Farmer's Markets, Randy Sorenson whose commissary kitchen we get to make all those great sauces in, Tony's Market for believing in our product and being one of our store fronts, Shamrock Foods for letting us sell wholesale, Omega Marketing and Sales who are our brokers and of course our loyal customers. Without you, there would be no us!

We are always looking for new ways to improve and grow so we would love to hear any feedback that you may have. All of our sauces come in a Food Service container as well. We offer a 1/2 gallon size for our customers to use in their restaurants and back of the house operations.

Where We Are Today

Four Whole Foods Markets and working on the rest. King Soopers (52) and City Markets (4). Albertson stores (17) locations in Colorado. All 25 Sprouts stores in Colorado. All Tony's Market locations. Along with many other places where you will be able to find our delicious sauces. Please contact us for further locations.

Enjoy the sauces and keep creating good healthy recipes! We truly appreciate your business and support.

- Cindy and Pat Coyne